Lover's Journey

by Cruz OmegaSoul



This album serves as a soundtrack to the short story I wrote called Valiant Victims: Lover's Journey (Included in the download). It remains to tell a melodic story of a lovers journey through beautiful poetic fantasy and pseudo erotica.


released February 11, 2017

Producer/Engineer: Jabari Lutalo
Producer/Writer/MC: Graffititech
Produce/Engineer: jeph.ilosopher
Producer: Justin Taylor
Writer/Background Vocals: SFJ



all rights reserved


Cruz OmegaSoul Baltimore, Maryland

Amenhotep (Cruz OmegaSoul aka OmegaSoul) is an American writer and singer.Hailing from Washington DC,he has spent his years growing up in both the inner city of Baltimore and the rural towns of Virginia.With his African heritage always as an inspiration, his sole purpose in creating art is to expose the secrets of the inner self, bring truth to the jaded contemporary art as well as social issues. ... more

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Track Name: Forever in a Moment (Interlude)
Where I stood i saw oceans
I swam in the complexity of what lived underneath
Like a herald of emotion, I'd tell my reflection the truth
I saw it often in the sea
I also saw her

Dipped in the healthiest level of cocoa and hazelnut
There she stood
Unable to break my gaze
The vision of her blinded me like the sun
Her skin hot with imperfect perfection
We drew close
The phantom friction of our touch would ignite soul connections
I'd get lost in the journey of her
Our kisses alone defied the need for anything more
Within the passion of her veins lied the birth of a nation
Crimson spirits in her speech
And from the error of my choices, I realized the freedom in her
Her words spoke novels
I became crippled by her existence
She stole my soul when she said....

Where I stood I saw a canvas
Brushstrokes of the depth of his amazing
Stroke after stroke, was the vivid imagery he painted
In the breath I failed to take, his smile captivated me
Images of what souls connected could possibly be
The stroke of midnight disrupts thoughts

Glass slippers I have not on my feet
Yet I feel like I have Cinderella beat
when he laid eyes on my soul
Wanted to devour each of our conversations whole
Traced the grains of sand in his morsels of pain
As we drew close
The sky opened up and offered rain
I would cross deserted lands to graze upon those lips
Once more
To taste the kiss of a lifetime, what was offered before
I would reach out for it
His spirit leads me to the river
From which we cleanse from
Valleys separate the library of his heart
From which I learn from
I drift away with the sincerity of his words
He had me chasing nouns and catching verbs
He captured my soul when he said….

We are the same.
Track Name: Kindred
It began in the Summer of infinite
We were meant for this
(I feel it in my veins)
All the truth that you spoke, I was listening
Your heart glistening
(Whisper's to my soul)
I get lost, in the theory, of having you near me
I get lost, in the words, that are dear to me
Someone told me beware who you let in
Some one told me beware who becomes your friend

Then I realized...
You're the same as me
You're the same as me
You're the same reoccurring soul in life

Hazelnut skin (ha!) With the brown complexion
She sparked my soul's erection
And i call for her swift rejection
Who's to tame what we're expecting
Ooh beware the lust
Ooo beware the trust
Lending hearts, mending hearts
Oooh don't get me started
Beware the lust or beware the trust
Lending hearts, mending hearts
Ooh dont get me started
Someone told me, beauty's, in the eyes of the beholder
Someone told me, the sin you're in, can only get colder


Don't you ever fade away
I can feel you in my veins
I digress
You can feel it in the music
Track Name: Lost & Found
I'm beautifully lost ahhhhh
Oh I'm beautifully lost oohahhhhohah

In the forest of my mind
Hidden from the eyes of the blind
They see truth
I see you
Who's soul would lie beneath the stars
Who's heart claims who we are
Echoes from afar
Does ajar
Open hearts

Sending salutations to my cozy day
Battling self for a better phase
Carry me from parts unknown
Free me in the peace of my home

Lost inside the memories of my mind
Hoping that it's love I aim to find
Skipping heart and freeing souls
Will I ever know
Will I...
She Found me (repeated)

In the event of a soul stealing nature
I'll indulge the love of my failure
Bodies of infinite
Falling for twisted lips
Darker the hue shines the light of a discipline
Calculating memories of benevolence
Angels save face
A dis grace
I'm not the man that I planned to be
Your lost idea lost in fantasy

Pull visions of a king from movie scene
But instead I play out like a dream
Not who I claimed to be

Truth is

She found me
She found me
Track Name: Soul Ties
Who are you to claim
Who are you to blame
Who are you to run
I can't deny these soul ties

I admit it, I've been stricken
Lost in the dickens
A story with a twist
And my connection to the sickness
Is stronger by the modem of our lives
The amalgamation, of my patience
Waiting for the truth
Embedded by the youth of time
To deny my soul the perfect crime

Frailty in chains of my mind
When she spoke she spoke to the soul of mine..
And she danced, she danced for me

Contemplating conversations but I dont got the trust
I am met with more affections, it ain't just the lust
Tied the shoes of my life, no more rope to hang
I love you, I just can not sang
I need more, I need spirits, I need God
I'm on the floor, I've been spared by Satan's rod
Or so you thought
Heightened heavens recalled
Dreams deferred in fall

Asking glutney for blessings
It's a choice I'm suggesting
Living life in the haunting hour
To indulge in what's showered
Love from the angel

Do we question soul iterations
Allow the healing of patience
Can we become complacent
Granted bodies are racing
We are
Spirits speaking whispers in the darkness
Unfying wantings cathartic
Steps of infinite in locking lips
Touch of soul, then we dip
we are
we are
Engines enable journeys to flight
Recovering from the riddles of the night
Spinning webs of entrapment
Eons of metaphysical factions

I see blood
Track Name: Blooded

It's become aggressive
As she takes the best of me
I find myself drowning in the sea of her adoration
My armor is weakened
The pain we share has cut me deep
The blood spilt is that of lava
Fire in my veins
Year of the dragon fits me well

I been lost in identity
In the battle and the fight with the enemy
And they question, what's gotten into me
To a murderer, I been listening

Pause fight, I believe in these dangers
Change and arrange some time for the stranger
How can I deny these feels of anger
Could've made a better choice instead I made her

What she is, is ill
Could've cured her with a villainous pill
But what we feel is real
Can't stop this whip appeal

You're warm. I'm cold
Blooded, blooded
You're water, I breathe fire
Lost in the transfusion
Of blood
I'm blood
We're blooded

My commitment to the reason of feeling this pain
Is the reason in fantasy a dragon I remain
The scales on my skin are jagged
The battle with her lasted longer than I imagined
Old I became, breathing embers that staled
Broken and shamed, for my armor she impaled
My wings, are fragile
All my defenses are dismantled
She's a powerful slayer

Dripping elixirs
Tempting fires
Dousing blazes
Watered soliloquies
Lovers and enemies
Track Name: Moans
From the moment her eyes touched mine
I knew, I knew
I'd her the moans of her ancestors in her voice

It's 8:10pm
Standard time and I'm waiting
Will her face shine bright
Will we spend the night

How can this be?
I've lingered for a thousand centuries
I've wondered what you've tasted like
Hoping I could free your mind

I'd hear moans of the ancestors in your voice
I'd hear moans of the ancestors in your voice
I'd make you orgasm
Make your legs shake with the power of my tongue
Oh I wanna hear the moans of your ancestors in your voice
I wanna keep you

When you landed, hands touched hands intense
And soon the rain would come our friend
And we'd indulge in the greatest sin
Not making it last forever

Oh heated touch and sweaty eyes
Deeper I drill inside
Power passion moments, my feeling I can't hide
My fingers lie between the great divine
Will I ever finish?
I love, I love... To hear you


Who would've thought my decisions would lead us here
Sweating our worries away
Lost in a passionate rain
We indulge in the purgatory of our actions
Do you remember?
What we did...
Dare to go again?
Track Name: SoulElla Infinite FT. Graffititech

I been searching the sky, for something adoring
Never leaving my eye's, I found an image of glory

Transcending logical freedoms
Of feelings we're seeking
Tell me you need them

I'm losing all of my senses
Could I be aimless
What is the meaning
Of us
I need to know
Soulella infinite

Touch my spirit, free my lies
Find me in an infinite disguise
Ease my heart and cure my woes
Finally found the rib of my soul
SoulElla infinite

Change the riegns on this season
This ride of life I believe in
Wipe the tears I've been grieving
Angels bless all our moments
A darker love that was chosen
Wonder's if I'm abusing
(Leaving hearts in my hands)

Everything that I love is faded


Graffititech Rap


(Ending melody)
You and me should never be
Because we dream impossibly
And if I ever see the sun
I know it's your heart