M​.​N​.​M: The Perception Pt​.​1

by Cruz OmegaSoul



In style: this album is a vision of versatility and variety, unable to confine to any one genre.
In Spirit: this album is dedicated to my mother who gave her life for the love of her children regardless of anyones perception.
In texture: this album is a glimpse into the story of my life, though abstract, I feel it represents the truth of how I've lived.


released May 31, 2013

jeph.ilosopher (Producer), Shame (Producer), Graffititech (Producer), DJ Z3 (Producer), Jabari Lutalo (Producer), E the Artist (Writer), Last Born Child (Writer), Solange Quarshie (Illustration)



all rights reserved


Cruz OmegaSoul Baltimore, Maryland

Amenhotep (Cruz OmegaSoul aka OmegaSoul) is an American writer and singer.Hailing from Washington DC,he has spent his years growing up in both the inner city of Baltimore and the rural towns of Virginia.With his African heritage always as an inspiration, his sole purpose in creating art is to expose the secrets of the inner self, bring truth to the jaded contemporary art as well as social issues. ... more

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Track Name: Soliloquy
I am musics soliloquy
I am the sound, the beat
I am peace, broken in pieces
I am hatred, sedated

In my years my talent has been the ability to express my pain
Through poetic prose or in recent times
Musical affinity
And when met with happiness
I don't express it, I enjoy it
Selfish qualities I envelope within
The demons becoming the jinn

I am the sound, the tune
The moment regrettable soon
The misguided mistake of genius
From the likes of mars and Venus

I am the haunting growl of the midnight hour to burn
The acknowledgement earned
A heeding warned
The angel scorned

I am among Gods creations
Unmistakable patience
Hatred of complacent

I am fraud
A thing thought to be odd
The non gay pause
The honest applause
The tart in applesauce
The jack within the frost
Guided when knowingly lost
Track Name: The Esteemed Ft. Last Born Child
The esteem is low
(whisper) low low low

The esteem as a young child fermented
Did my best to try and make her listen
The event of broken home
Left alone
Thoughts I don't condone
Linger on
No son had shown
Tried bring the light to a mother
Lost inside one another
Jealousy of my blood brotha
Dear God, I fear the people who watch me live
What more can my spirit give
How does the Shame outlive
What's ahead of me, positivity I hope
Of the porn and drugs that had helped me cope
I am done with it
Had my fun with it
I wish I had a gun with it
Of these actual facts I'm spitting


Suicidal thoughts commence
At my, own expense
In my youth, lost and irrelevant
But my unhappiness wasn't evident
Tried to be fresh like trident
But my hand-me-downs wouldn't let me try it
Cemetery ways I was dead inside
With my mother dead, all I did was cry
So lost and low,no high for years
No one was there to help me fight my fears
My esteem was low
Building it went slow
And now as I sit as a king in question
Who are you to deny my blessing
Your esteem is


Last Born Child (Rap)
Track Name: Interlude One
(Chorus) (Repeat)
Amore amore, I'm lost
On the road to redemption
Jesus, Jesus, I see Jesus
I see the light

Your story's wrong, your story's wrong
And they follow path to which they don't belong
I know this pain, I've felt it too
They assume who you are, what you did, and what you'll do
Completely misunderstood, completely misunderstood .....
Track Name: Illuminated Ft. E the Artist
E the Artist (Rap)

I'm illuminated, by an ominous soul
Keeping darkness away, is my goal Illuminati, can't you tell
How far from the light I fell

I don't, fall victim to Listless
The darkest spirit listens
How odd apart from distance
Equipped with vicious
A devil licked sentence
This world has become
Instead of run
I Conjure a conundrum


The alignment darkens
Sparked with haitians walkin
Talked to Satan lost in, angels den
I heed the calling
Darker spirits evicted
Finally rid of sickness
I expel the hatred
Leaving happy places

Oooh I am..... Illuminated
cant you tell...


How Far from the light....
Track Name: Commercializm
I sold my soul for commercial eyes
I sold my soul to perpetuate lies
I've been wasting time

The first sound you hear, your eyes can't contain
The disdain that remains in your membrane
Sellout I hear you thinkin
To late, me an the beat we linked in
Sexed up, pimped out
Misguidance what the world is all about
Social status controls, the ambient music soul
The gallant remain idol
While the man intrudes abode
Lose of home and lose of soul
Lose of everything that's known
To weak to stand, that's what you believe
To many problems here, to give a shit about me

Chorus 2x

Monetary simplistic
How have I missed it
The peoples hearts I'm dissin
No soul in here, filled full of fear
As the man appears
His eyes bring me tears
He lies bring me near
The brink of destruction
No love for loving
How have I betrayed
When i myself am slave
I, I fear the haunting grave
For my future I would trade


Oh forgive me lord
For I have sinned
Among the Jin
As I open
My heart lord
To feel no pain
And no shame
What must I say

Keep dancing....dance your soul away...
Track Name: Bully
Push me push me, pull me down
You ain't nothing but a bully, bully
Tell me tell me, what to do
You ain't nothing to me, but a bully

Straight to face was the fist of a man
No man but a child I am,
To withstand the plan to break me
But damn
You always gotta hit so hard
At school won't they think that it's odd
Or would they applaud my facade
Forgetting my protector, god
Healing the wounds, filling him soon
My time will come
No time to run
Pity of self I shun


You, lie to manipulate my mind
As young child I was blind
Literally, physically
Taking advantage of that
A young child handicapped
Feeling my way, diggin my way
Thru the mindless crap
Henceforth I react
With a pen I stay strapped
Why I'm tellin you that?
So that you can fall back
Fall back........

Come and show me what you want to do......
I been waiting for a fight like you....
And if I happen to lose this
Just know you'll own more thAn bruises
Track Name: If I Had the Chance
(To contain the emotion
The emotion in my life
to contain the emotion
of what Id sacrifice)

I remember it clearly
Though God fearing, I miss her dearly
My heart pleaded, stay a while longer
(how long)
Some years, maybe I'm crazy
(maybe baby)
What is life without you
Can't imagine
Can't imagine
Can't imagine life without you
Don't leave me...
Your all I know...
All I know...
What do I when asked about you?
(Deflect it)
Am I to be orphan rejected?
I fear what is becoming of me
oh I know
I Had my chance and missed it

But that conversation never happened
With my seatbelt fastened
We drove to the grave were my memory would remain slave
Last thing I remembered
With a love that was dismembered
Her body, covered in dirt
And I, left to remain as we were
The last action my heart gave her
The phrase "goodbye"
Left to cry
until we meet again
Oh mother, I miss you
Safe a place for me in heaven
Your grandson says hello
Track Name: I See
I see your haunting eyes
You judge me with reprise
Is it because you fear me?
But can you see me clearly?
I a man of time
Become lost in rhymes
It is the words that save me
The talent God gave me

Who knows, who knows, who knows, whoo knooows,
What the future holds
Pray I grow that old
I know, it shows, it shows, my age
Of the way I chose, noncompliant with slave
In moments regretting my indiscretions
You failed to see, repentance in me
And if it was hate that I was repin
You taught not pure correction


Angels lurking with blessings
Demons stalking with bad things
Yet I wonder what God brings
Faith in the unseen
Truth In a bed of lies
Hope when depression rise
Fear when you don't got time
Protect yourself
Don't stress your self
Get lost in stealth
Of fear to ask for help
Track Name: Leyenda
They wanna know my name
I tell them omegasoul
They say yo you got an alias
Yeah I'm legend, I'm legend, I'm legend
They call me Cruz leyenda
Particular to your probable agenda

Confident, self assertion is needed
Praying to a God for salvation, but he bleeding
We are only human
With sin, I will show you tru men
Put pedestals of pagans prancing in propaganda, merry Christmas
Though they hate on religious ideals
Tell me my words, how they make you feel?
Is all surreal
Let the truth be known
Let the soul be shown
What they condone


Time bender
Heart stealer
Love sender
I couldn't be realer
Had the choice to ignore my truth
Misguide the youth for what I do
Is that heavens rules?
Giving me the blues
In moment that I remained
My heart was strained with the love I gained
No evil in my veins
Your lies drive me insane


Each word contains
A metaphor that explains
Why I am drained
Telling stories to the main stream
Using poems to extract dreams
Keep the flowing while I fein
Ameen what I mean
I'm the crop of the cream
cream of the crop I mean
ooooh they know my name

Track Name: Against The Grain
You can't let them take away our soul
They put us in a box
You cannot let them take away our soul
Our soul indeed, integrity

Bailey, bell, jones, purvis, beard, and Theo shaw
Left in shock and awe
At the white mans applause
They made barker feel that pain
He made sure he'd never feel that again
Jena 6
Meanwhile in Florida beyond the corridor
It was cold blooded murder
The s.p.d police
Gave the criminal his release
Let us not forget
The white collar on the black neck
The propaganda of picnic
And what color of man in jail sit


Loose noose on our neck
Thinking “finally respect”
The illusion of advance
Just so we can sing and dance
Who am I?
A black man
What I need?
Helping hand
To, change oppression
For the wrong reasons
we got gun possessions
Many treasons,
no more lessons
Numbers were losing
While the weed we're abusing
Drugged into eternity
What is earning me my freedom
Nothing nothing...


Guitar solo by Jabari
Track Name: It Aint All Bad
It ain't all bad

It ain't all bad
The good times fall where they may
In the event of a bad day... Just smile
For life itself, just smile, for life itself
Oooh it ain't all bad

Just like, summertime in the early morn
Breakfast with the guys or family ties
Oooh aaahh the smell of everlasting memories
Oooh I keep hold to living, every day that is given
Keep my smile along the way
Give thanks for The good days
Feelin, happy for the healthy
Dealin, with those in abundance
Of the, hope for life
Feel it right, in my strive
Stay alive
Good for the righteous
With every opportunity, movin fast
Like cars with nitrous


I got, fun times with the young son
hangin out with the dun duns
Come tell who's the fun one
We be bangin on the drum drum
No time for the pigs
Jealous of what we did
We just tryna have fun
And give thanks to the holy One

we just tryna have fuuuunn
Have a good tiiiimmmmeee
No worries on my mind